How Golf Helps to Lose Weight

People participate in physical activity to lose weight among other reasons such as gaining strength or just having fun. While golf doesn’t burn calories like running or playing football, it can actually help you with controlling your body weight. Combine that with the relative safety of golf, and you get one of the best activities one can engage in.

But how does losing weight really work with golf? The most obvious answer is that you burn calories by swinging the club and walking. And that answer would not be wrong, it would be just incomplete. While performing complex movements is one of the main reasons for weight loss, it wouldn’t be nearly as efficient without other factors, which we are going to examine more in depth.

Let’s quickly cover the main reason for calorie burn, which is the physical activity in golf. As you probably know, golf courses have a huge area and feature multiple holes. After hitting the ball into the one, you would have to take a walk to the another. Guaranteed couple of hundreds of meters! Just walking is quite an efficient way of weight control, though not as effective as running. But walking is much more safe for your joints for sure! So if you are worried about their condition, golf would be extremely helpful for you.

The activity of muscles leads to high consumption of energy, which boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories. By the way, did you know that metabolism is extremely important in losing weight? You may know that younger people generally tolerate more calories in food than older individuals. That’s somewhat due to the speed of their body’s metabolism! Physical activity directly affects it by its increased energy expenses, not to mention its long-run effects on one’s metabolism!

Another huge factor contributing to weight loss from golf is the diet of golfers. As any other athlete or amateur who wants to become better, golfers have to think about what they consume more carefully. They start to control their nutrient input and avoid eating food with little to no proteins and carbohydrates and lots of fat. Once you realize what you consume, you will be able to easily control your weight. And it is actually fairly simple – spend more calories than you consume with food, and you will lose weight! While that sounds easy, finding out what is right for you is a whole another problem.

Another important reason for weight loss and better metabolism is the necessity of better sleep. Sleep deprivation is known to negatively affect one’s metabolism. A golfer knows that without proper rest, he cannot progress and rejuvenate before the next session or competition. Rest better if you want to better control your weight!

While every aforementioned factor somewhat works separately, combining them will bring much better results. Eat well, make your proper diet plan, exercise, and don’t forget to rest if you want your body to work the way it should. But you should know that golf is not as efficient in losing weight as more intense activities, and seriously relying on it in that matter may turn out to be disappointing. If you are specifically looking for an activity to lose weight with, do more research!

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