Why Should You Play Golf?

Golf is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. That’s not a surprise as golf is actually one of the best types of physical activity one can perform. But what makes this sport such a useful way to spend time for anyone regardless of age and gender?

The first great and maybe most important thing about golf is its benefits for the health. A typical golf course is a vast green area with rich landscape features. During every match, golfers cover considerable distances moving from one hole to another. Walking several hundred meters will surely be beneficial for the condition of your muscles and joints. It is much safer than running as well! This is one of the reasons for golf’s suitability for even old people.

Besides walking, swinging a golf club is kind of an ordeal as well. Don’t think that the only body parts working during swings are your arms. A proper swing engages the whole body of the golfer. Unprepared individuals will probably find swinging quite difficult initially. To master it, you would need to improve your coordination, speed, and even strength. And all that without the necessity to lift heavy weights! Technique can be learned by people of any age, so picking golf as your type of physical activity will be pretty justified if you have issues with your health.

Another benefit of golf is that you will become more flexible! The range of motion of the swing is quite demanding to the mobility of the golfer’s joints and muscles. If you want to learn proper technique, you would have to dedicate some time to stretching your muscles to improve your flexibility.

What good does high mobility do for you? Flexible muscles and joints have significantly reduced risk of being damaged. The more range of motion they can move in, the more they will be able to tolerate sudden changes in muscle length (if you fall, for example). Mobility, which the most of the people out there lack, is actually an exceptionally useful feature for your overall condition.

Now, although we are done with the factors of golf directly influencing one’s body, we will move on to another nice benefit of this sport. It is the environment of golf courses! They are usually built in natural landscape with preservation of water bodies, vegetation, and features of the terrain. What could be better than freeing yourself from the steel/glass and polluted air of modern cities and spending some good time on a local golf course? Not only that, the diverse and unique landscape of golf courses will bring aesthetic pleasure to anyone!

The last benefit of golf (but not the very last) we want to present you today is its ability to connect people. While resting between your shots or taking a long walk to the next hole, you can have a nice chat with your competitors, be they your friends, relatives, or completely new people. Communication with other people can make you forget about your current problems, and even after you remember about them, you will be able to face them with enthusiasm!


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