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Why Golf is Considered as a Rich Sport

The popular sport of golf is now widely considered an activity of rich people. Have you ever thought what makes golf so attractive to businessmen and politicians? Although not only rich people actively play golf, there are some good reasons for wealthy individuals choosing golf among other types of physical activity. Interested what’s so fascinating about golf for millionaires and billionaires? Let us answer that question by presenting you with 5 reasons for golf being a rich man’s sport!

Golf is much more forgiving. Compared to other activities like football or training in a gym, golf does need neither significant strength nor considerable endurance. One does not need to load his or her muscles and joints too much to successfully play golf. While golf indeed is an intense activity, it doesn’t require significant flexibility or strength from golfers.

Why is that important for rich people? Because they are mostly in their 50s and 60s, and with such safe and undemanding sport as golf, they still can improve their results.

Golf is challenging. Among competitive wealthy people, golf is exceptionally popular. Rich people really do not like to lose, and with golf, that won’t be too much of a problem because one can compete against oneself. During a golf game, businessmen can concentrate on improving their own results while no one is trying to prevent their actions.

Another thing about the challenge of golf being so charming for rich people is that they have accomplished the impossible to reach their heights. Golf would bring new experience to their lives and make it more interesting. Maybe that’s why golf is particularly popular among older businessmen, who have already done all they wanted in life and now are looking for some new feelings.

Playing golf is convenient. With rich people having very little of free time, golf is highly convenient as they can easily find golf courses open at nighttime. Besides, they wouldn’t have to drive too far to play golf. They don’t even necessarily need to have companions to play a nice round! As we already mentioned, one can play against himself to perfect the result.

Golf is luxurious. Golf is seriously sponsored by such companies like Rolex (rich people are especially fond of the company’s watches) and involves multi-million dollar athletes. Besides, major sports brands invest huge money into golf. Such “seriousness” of golf makes the sport closer to wealthy people, which is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for golf being a rich man’s sport.

Golf clubs. Today, you can find golf clubs with several hundred thousand-dollar membership fees. Who else can afford to get one? Probably, the rich people are the only one who can confidently spend half a million dollars on a membership of a prestigious golf club. Besides, such associations exist for rich people specifically. They buy expensive cars and wear golden Rolex watches to maybe become the part of the rich society and make their lives more interesting and challenging. Acquiring pricey memberships is another way of doing that.




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