What to Wear When Playing Golf

With golf, the question “what to wear?” is quite important. It not only has to protect the golfer from the sun and be comfortable but be permitted by the specific golf course and golf etiquette as well. While there is nothing so unusual about golf clothes, you should really look into it both generally and before going to your local golf course. Always check the type of wear allowed there.

Now, we will review the wear that is generally appropriate for the most golf courses out there. Let’s start with shirts!

Shirts. Almost always, golf courses require men to wear collared shirts. You should go for traditional cotton, microfiber, or polyester golf shirts. At some golf courses, modern-style golf shirts with turtleneck collar are allowed. As for women, their tops vary greatly, but you should adhere to modesty. No bathing suit tops or tube tops. T-shirts and tank tops are usually not permitted for either men or women.

Pants. Men should wear either long cotton or polyester blend pants or dress shorts with pleated or flat front. Some courses permit men to wear jeans while others do not. Women should also wear long trousers, capris, or the so-called golf skirts. These clothes are made with a V-notch or a cut pleat on the front side to allow the golfer to swing in full-range conveniently. Cut-off jeans, workouts, running, or basketball shorts are typically not permitted on golf courses for both men and women.

Shoes. Footwear is widely considered a part of the golf’s equipment. Shoes are quite important in the performance of a golfer. They aid you to stabilize the swing, help with better traction during walks, and generally provide good and comfortable support during the several hours an especially long golf game can last. Golf shoes have spikes on the soles. Today, many courses require soft spikes made of hard rubber or plastic, not metal. Besides, other types of shoes may be forbidden on some golf courses even if they have the necessary comfort. Sneakers and running shoes are sometimes allowed on golf courses. Mostly, sandals, street shoes, and boots are forbidden.

Socks. Socks are as important and necessary as golf shoes. Over the years, socks have been a necessary part of sports footwear, including golf, because advances in fibers make the socks comfortable and help the feet remain dry. There are various golf socks out there. Those golfers who wear shorts typically choose ankle-length socks, which are barely visible above the shoes. More traditional tube socks are also usually permitted. While there isn’t a specific dress-code to tell what kind of socks you can wear, the golf etiquette requires golfers to wear socks that complement their clothing.

Hats. Usually, golf hats are not specified by the dress code, but there are types more appropriate than the others. Baseball-style hats or visors are the most popular choice for a golf course among both men and women. They greatly help with the protection from the sun. Straw hats and the so-called Ben Hogan hats are allowed as well. Such headgear as cowboy hats, dress fedora-style hats, beanie caps, and gag hats are generally not appropriate for any golf course.

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